Constanza Herrero

Constanza Herrero is an Australian/Chilean singer, songwriter and actress, winner of the ‘John Lennon Song Writing Contest’ (Grand Prize and Lennon Award) and a ‘LA Music Critic Award’ in 2018. She started her career ten years ago in Chile at a young age. After finishing high school, Constanza settled in Australia where she studied at the prestigious ‘Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts’ (WAAPA), graduating with a Bachelor of Music (Contemporary) and a Certificate in Musical Theatre. Since arriving in Australia, this WAAPA graduate has been captivating audiences and playing sell-out shows.

Some of her highlighted performances have been singing for Prince Charles of Wales for his 67th birthday celebration in Western Australia; ‘WA Premier’s Olympic Dinner for the then Premier, Colin Barnett; for the WA Olympic Team, and her performance singing her original music at Telethon7 Australia. Constanza launched her self-titled EP with a sold out concert at the famous music venue The Fly By Night (Fremantle) in November, 2017. The EP featured musicians that have worked with household names such as Stevie Wonder and Shakira.

Writing and singing in English and Spanish, Constanza is passionate about using her music as an instrument to encourage those facing adversity, by addressing personal experiences as well as society issues that she finds the need to express. Her music fuses pop, folk, jazz and Latin music, contributing a fresh sound to the music scene. Constanza recently moved to Los Angeles (California) where she’s working on new music.

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