Hope For Prisoners

This special project reaches out to prisoners to help train them in skills for the future. We:

  • Continue a computer and administration skills training program for male prisoners at Kitale Main Prison, Kenya. This training program was launched in 2019 at another Kenyan prison. 
  • Provide training which includes computer and keyboard skills; communication; time management; presentation; team work, and writing skills.
  • Employ local part-time trainers.
  • Engage with the Prison via our existing Prison Chaplain network.
  • Further assist the prisoners by our trainers using their social work knowledge.

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For further details about this life-changing program or to donate laptops, send an email to:  info@accesshope.org.au

    Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison.

    -Hebrews 13:3(a)