Our Story

In May 2011, I was invited to a pitiful slum called Kipsongo, which means ‘Place of the Dogs’.  There I saw around 4000 people squatting on five acres of land. They had been displaced from northern Kenya due to tribal clashes and drought and then relocated to Kipsongo. I saw hungry, dirty children who weren’t able to smile. I was asked if I could start a home for some of these children. I knew I had to help but didn’t have a single dollar to my name that could support or start this home. However, I did have faith in God knowing that He loved these children even more than I could.  Some may say it was blind faith and maybe it was, but I’m glad I followed my heart and took the next step. On August 1st 2011, Access Hope Inc. opened Kwetu Nyumbani (‘Our home’ in Swahili) Children’s Home. We started with twenty destitute and vulnerable children from the slum. Today, we still have some of the original children but now, there are mostly double-orphaned children in our home. 


Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.

Psalm 127:3

 The home is managed by James, our Home Director and a faithful team of Caregivers. Access Hope Inc. operates under the leadership of CEO Linda Gouldsmith, the Access Hope Inc. Board, and volunteers. 

Through generous sponsors and partners, these children who once had no hope, now have bright and happy futures. We are so appreciative of those who help us and we can’t do without them. Join the Access Hope Inc. family and help brighten the futures of children in Kenya.

Linda Gouldsmith